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A Better Screening System
for the Traditional Screen Porch

How can I get a sample?
Contact us with your name, address and requested color and we will happily mail you a sample. Canada - Due to shipping costs, there is a $10 charge to ship samples to Canada. If you are in Canada, please call us to request your sample.
SCREENEZE® is a fixed screen system featuring an Aluminum Base and a Vinyl Cap that when snapped together stretch and secure the screen fabric for you. Available in 8' and 12' lengths (color coordinated screws included). Click here for product specifications.

What color is SCREENEZE®?
SCREENEZE® is available in White, Sand, Bronze and Clay.
Where can I buy SCREENEZE®?
Click on the find a dealer link to find your neighborhood dealer.  If there is not one listed, give us a call or send us an email.
How large of a panel can I do?
Up to 150 Square Feet - SCREENEZE® does not limit you to forty square feet or a width of 3 feet. You can do a 10' x 15' panel with SCREENEZE®. Visit the Gallery to see pictures. If you are attempting a large panel (over 75 sq ft), we recommend using Phifer 1814 Fiberglass, TEXTILINE® nano 50 (previously SuperScreen™) or TuffScreen®. 
Can I install SCREENEZE® myself?
You need carpentry skills to install SCREENEZE®. Review installation instructions to determine if you are comfortable with the steps. If not, enter your zip code to find a local installer or take a sample to a builder or remodeler of your choice. 
I have an arched opening - can I use SCREENEZE®?
SCREENEZE® FLATBAR is recommended when installing arched openings. It is the same concept as traditional SCREENEZE®, however, it is flexible and does not have a 90º angle. It is installed the same as traditional SCREENEZE®, however, it is best to install the bottom piece first instead of the top. SCREENEZE® FLATBAR is available in all four colors, but only in 8' lengths. Please click here to review FLATBAR installation instructions.

Should I use FLATBAR on the verticals and the arch?
If the area is a true half round, it is better to use FLATBAR on the verticals and the half round area. If the area is a soft radius, you can use the Flush Mount on the verticals and the miter works just fine. Please call us with questions.
Do you sell screen fabric?
Yes. We carry Phifer 1814 Fiberglass Screen, TEXTILENE® nano 50 (previously SuperScreen™), BetterVue®, TuffScreen® and Insect Screen all in 100' rolls. We also stock wide widths to accommodate the large panels you can do with SCREENEZE®. (TuffScreen® is available in 50' rolls in 4', 6' & 8' widths)
How much excess screen fabric do I need to install SCREENEZE®?
4" - You may not need this much excess, however, this is a safe amount for your first installation and for estimating material.
Can I use metal or aluminum screen fabric?
We do not recommend it. It is difficult to install because it does not have the elasticity that fabrics have and it can also grate the fins on the inside of the caps making them useless. Metal screens can also dent and rust. Fabrics are the best choice for the SCREENEZE® system.
Are there any screen fabrics you do not recommend?
We do not recommend most solar screen fabrics or true pet screen because of the thickness and we do not recommend metal screens. When choosing screen fabric other than what we offer, please contact us if you are unsure if it will work with the SCREENEZE® system.
If you have questions, please contact us.
What should I use to clean the screen fabric?
The manufacturer that supplies us with our screen fabric recommends cleaning them with a mild soapy solution. You should​ avoid hard scrubbing and rinse well. We do NOT recommend power washing.

Do you do estimating?
No. A part of being able to install SCREENEZE® is being able to estimate what you need. Since all sales are final, we believe that it is in our customer's best interest that they do the estimating. We are always happy to help you with your estimate, but the final decision on how much to purchase is yours to determine.
What is the lead time?
Hopefully you can get SCREENEZE® at your local lumber yard.  If not, please plan 7 to 10 days to receive your product.
How much is shipping?
Hopefully, you can purchase SCREENEZE® from a local lumber yard to avoid shipping costs. However, if you have to purchase direct because there is no distribution in your area, it depends on your location. In the United States, to ship 8' SCREENEZE® tends to run between $70 and $175 based on the quantity; to ship 12' SCREENEZE® you are looking at $175 to $400. 12' SCREENEZE® is shipped FedEx Freight because of its length. Shipping to Canada and the Caribbean are more expensive and quoted on an individual basis. To request a quote please click here or download our request a quote form. However, please check if there is a dealer in your area first before requesting a quote from us directly.
What tools do I need to install SCREENEZE®? 
Rubber Mallet, small pry bar or 5 in 1 tool, utility knife, standard drill, tape measure, 10" or 12" miter saw with the appropriate blade (see below).

What can I use to cut SCREENEZE®?
A 10" or 12" miter saw with the appropriate blade. We recommend the Freud Diablo series for cutting non-ferrous/plastic material; specifically, the 10" 80 or 84 tooth blade or the 12" 96 tooth blade. You can also use a hack saw with a fine tooth metal cutting blade. Click here for Cutting Tips.

What type of drill should I use?
We recommend a standard drill. Impact drills have too much torque. We also recommend pre-drilling a 3/16" hole.
Can I attach SCREENEZE® to brick and/or concrete?
SCREENEZE® can be attached to any smooth uniform surface. When attaching SCREENEZE® to masonry a Flush Mount is typically the best application. We would recommend that you secure the base to your structure with Tapcon screws when attaching to masonry. The screw leg needs to ride smoothly against the masonry. We would recommend once your alignments and cuts are made you should use a double sided sticky tape or a small bead of silicon prior to attaching your SCREENEZE® system. 

Does SCREENEZE® have a warranty?
Yes. SCREENEZE® has a 10-Year Limited Warranty for the Aluminum Base & Vinyl Cap.
What is the return policy for SCREENEZE®?
All sales are final. This is why we want you to have a sample in hand prior to ordering.
Can I install the screws included with the SCREENEZE® product in salt air?
No, we do not recommend using our screws in salt air. Use stainless steel screws (nothing smaller than 1 1/4", #10) and purchase touch up paint. This has been and always will be our recommendation.

Does temperature affect SCREENEZE®?
Yes, as with all building materials, SCREENEZE® is affected by temperature and will expand and contract. Installation temperature and sun exposure are the conditions to adjust for. To minimize the effects of expansion and contraction we use an aluminum base. So, when installing your SCREENEZE® system, plan for the temperature change your porch endures. 

Installation in Cold Temperatures: Take temperature and porch location into consideration during installation. Cold day, no sun, make fit a little loose. When installing in temperatures below 60º, make sure that the vinyl caps are warmed or stored in a heated area. Cool temperatures can make the vinyl brittle causing it to split/crack during installation. This will occur at the ends so be sure to hand press the caps at the corner and take the previous stated precautions. Also, tap the cap close to a previously expanded point. Click here for Cold Temperature Installation Instructions.

Installation in Hot Temperatures:  Take temperature and porch location into consideration during installation. Full sun, part sun or no sun; adjust your cuts for the day you are installing SCREENEZE®. Hot day, full sun, make snug fits.

Long Term High Temperature Exposure:  When installing Bronze SCREENEZE® as an exterior corner mount in direct sunlight, solar heat buildup may occur if temperatures reach over 90° F for more than 6 hours.  When this occurs, warping may happen to the Black Vinyl Cap.  In order to avoid this, we recommend installing Bronze SCREENEZE as an interior flush mount to avoid excessive sun exposure. 

UV: Will the Vinyl cap color be affected in high UV areas? The cap is UV protected so it should hold its color under normal conditions. 

Does SCREENEZE® sell screen doors?
No, we do not sell a screen door. 

Can SCREENEZE® withstand hurricane force winds?
Yes, we tested our product with Intertek and determined that SCREENEZE® can handle wind gusts up to 140 mph. - Wind Test Full Video - Wind Test Short Video - Intertek Report (Please only share in full)

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