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Activities and Hobbies Best for Any Screened Porch

Here are some interesting things you can take up in your screened porch.

Screened porches are the perfect place to relax; and what better way to relax than picking up a hobby and enjoying it along with your porch?! From puzzles with coffee, to woodworking, to crocheting, your screened porch is the ideal place to unwind while enjoying your favorite things! Check out our activity and hobby recommendations below - you never know what new thing you might take up. 

Puzzles and Board Games
Puzzles and other board games are fantastic ways to pass some time in a fun, energizing way. These activities are great for introverts and extroverts alike, and your screened porch provides an inviting location to get started. Some comfy seating or floor cushions sitting around a large coffee table is the best way to set-up for a puzzle or board game in your porch. Plus, it’s not a hobby/activity that is ever limited to just the homeowner - feel free to let friends and family in on the fun with every visit! 

Knitting and Crocheting
Another fantastically-relaxing activity that takes a little bit of training and skill - knitting and crocheting. A screened porch is the perfect place to sit for hours, enjoy the surrounding nature, and create your new blanket, hat, scarf, or what have you. The unobstructed views will inspire plenty of nature designs while maintaining your tranquility and relaxation. This is a great hobby to take up if you enjoy being productive and busy while relaxing, with no expectations or requirements of what you make or how quickly you create it. 

Smaller table decorations and simplistic wooden stools are great starters for woodworking hobbyists. All your tools can be stored in comfy, multi-purpose porch benches and when you’re ready to sculpt and create, you have great access to indoor and outdoor necessities. The screened porch provides the enjoyment of outdoors, while being protected from bugs and the elements. Additionally, you’ll have plenty of inspiration for nature-themed pieces from the gorgeous views surrounding your every side. 

Musical Instruments
Nobody likes to be the annoyance in the house playing their loud stringed or wind instruments. This is why a screened porch is the ideal place to practice and explore any instrument. You can play to your heart’s content, without regular distractions or causing disruption to anybody still at home. Plus, screened porches are protected from the elements, so even on a rainy day you can practice your instrument with the views and feels of outdoors. (Just make sure not to store your instruments in your screened porch - they are temperamental!) 

Reading and Journaling 
Whether you enjoy burying your nose into a good story or writing out the day’s events, reading and journaling in your screened porch are both wonderful and therapeutic ways to enjoy your porch. These hobbies allow for a relaxing escape from the difficult day, and can be enjoyed in the coziest of alcoves in your porch. They are applicable to everyone of all ages, and are great ways to wind down after a long day. 

Have you taken up any new hobbies recently? Let us know your favorites!
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