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Our Favorite Fall 2021 Installs

Take a look upon these amazing installs from this Fall!

We’ve seen hundreds of screened porch projects this fall, but some of them stood out to us more than others. We wanted to share some of our favorites with you all, so please read on to see some of our favorite screened porches from this Fall 2021!

Brawner Renovations
This fantastic second-story install is sure to impress all family and friends! From the lovely home exterior to the fantastic interior design, this space is perfect for all events, be those get-togethers, quiet nights in, or anything else you have in mind. 

Kayco Screens
This second-story screened porch gives definition and character to this home! There is a phenomenal space within the screened porch to enjoy, as well as an open-air seating arrangement down below. 

Oak Homes
This extravagant home features three stories of seating arrangement, with the middle space being a wonderful screened porch! There are plenty of places to enjoy those SCREENEZE #unobstructedviews, and the homeowners still get to enjoy their privacy. 

Outdoor Spaces of Blue Ridge
This screened porch provides a wonderful view of the surrounding landscape while complimenting the home itself! The space lends itself to many enjoyable nights looking out at the stars, without fear of bugs, animals, or the weather deterring the evening. 

RVA Remodeling
This amazing space will be a great location for cooler-weather hangouts, with the fireplace warming the screened porch and a television for additional entertainment! There’s not a better place to relax after a long week of work. 

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