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How to Enjoy Your Screened Porch in Cooler Weather

Here are some great ideas to utilize your screened porch as the temperatures drop.

Screened porches can be utilized for three, sometimes even four, full seasons. How, you may ask? By knowing the best practices for enjoying your screened porch, even as the weather starts to cool! With some of your recommendations and screened porch use ideas, you will be sure to get your money’s worth out of your amazing screened porch this chilly November. 

Bring on the Heat
Screened porches will start cooling as the weather around starts to cool, so it’s important to transform your porch and ensure it’s chilly-season-ready! Adding blankets, extra plush rugs and pillows, or even moving a few space heaters into your space can really change the dynamic of the once-tropical screened porch. The rest of your house goes through seasonal changes, and your screened porch is no different. Also, for your own personal uses, leave a few sweatshirts or cardigans in your screened porch so as the evening goes on, you can stay warm and cozy in your space. 

Picture by: Yoder’s Building Services

Engage in Energizing Activities
If you don’t have a gym membership or a home gym set-up, your screened porch will be the perfect place for some morning yoga, afternoon cardio, or evening stretches. The cold air won’t be a bother to you if you’re staying active and keeping your blood pumping; plus, little to no space or equipment is needed for a quick, screened-porch workout. Your screened porch will provide you the privacy you desire with no additional cost. 

Movie and Hot Chocolate
Many guests love the idea of a chilly night in, with a movie playing on the television and a warm mug of hot chocolate in their hand. Your screened porch is the ideal place for this type of get-together, providing an enclosed space for comfort while still giving the fresh air of the outdoors! Guests will be eager to come back again, with the promise of one amazing screened porch completely designated for comfort and entertainment. 

The possibilities of how to utilize your screened porch through three or four seasons are endless! Just remember to have fun and make the most out of your screened porch this cooler season. 

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