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Porch Decorating Ideas with Fall Colors

Here are some tips and tricks to decorate your screened porch with warmer colors!

With Thanksgiving only one week away, it’s time to start prepping your house (and of course your screened porch, too) for all of your family and friends! While cleaning, baking, and cooking may be at the top of your list, you cannot forget to decorate your space with the crisp, warm colors of fall. We have quite a few decorating ideas of our own that will make your home and porch guest-ready, while representing the beautiful season that we are in. 

Pumpkins for All

Crisp oranges, browns, and navy blues are perfect accent colors for any fall decorating. While piles of pumpkins is certainly one tactic for how to prepare for fall get-togethers and Thanksgiving, something as simple as a blanket/pillow set that utilizes these colors can really make any room in your house, or your screened porch, stand out. Plus, adding wood or hay barrels around your fall “scenes” can accentuate the feel of the space even more!

Mums Madness

Fairy lights, fake plants and branches, as well as the accompaniment of pumpkins and mums truly makes for a breathtaking fall display. Whether you will be relaxing on the front porch, waiting for guests, or sitting in your screened porch, playing board games with close friends, this layout is superb for all. Choosing warmer-tone lights can especially help define the mood of your porch, as cooler nights need warmer lights. 

By the Fireplace

Whether you’re decorating your home or your screened porch, this cozy fall decorating scheme is sure to make all guests feel relaxed and comfortable! Lots of warmer colors, like yellow, brown, orange, and cream, are the perfect decorative accents to create an inviting space. Plus, throw in quite a few blankets, a roaring fireplace, and a vanilla-scented candle, and your guests will be absolutely thrilled. 

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