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New Year, Same SCREENEZE

Although the year may have changed, our amazing products and services have not! Check them out.

Welcome to 2022! We hope that you all enjoyed some much-needed time with friends and family. While we have some new things coming this year, we wanted to spend some time reviewing what great products we currently offer, how you can get some free samples, and how to get your amazing SCREENEZE® screened porch projects featured on our social media and in our weekly emails. 

Image by: Stratton Exteriors

Our Amazing Products
We offer the unique SCREENEZE® System that does away with splining while still securing your screened porch. Available in 4 colors (Bronze, White, Sand, and Clay), this system is the perfect way to secure any screened opening, up to 150 sq. ft.! For more information on the fantastic SCREENEZE® System, please visit the link below.

Want a little twist on the SCREENEZE® System? Well then our SNAPTRACK by SCREENEZE® System is perfect for you! Our SNAPTACK System still ditches splining behind while also offering hidden screws, pre-drilled aluminum, and the convenience of installing on the face of a post. For more information on the SNAPTRACK by SCREENEZE® System, please visit the link below.

Do you have an interestingly-shaped opening, like an arch or a gazebo? While we have two systems that work perfectly for just those! The Arch System uses a flexible Flatbar, which allows for curved openings, like an archway. The Gazebo System uses a Wedge, allowing for installation on vertical columns with eaze. For more information on the Arch System or the Gazebo System, please visit the links below.

We have 6 different screen types to fulfill everyone’s needs and desires. Some of our screens provide better durability, some provide better visibility, and some provide a lower cost - the final screen decision is up to you! For more information on our screen fabric offerings and recommendations, please visit the link below. 

How to Get Samples
We love providing small, free samples of our products so that Installers, Dealers, and Homeowners can truly know what the system looks like, how it operates, and what color(s) will work best for their next screened-porch project. If you ever want a sample, all you need to do is:

- Reach out to us on social media, or
- Email us |, or
- Call us at 800.884.6697

We will be happy to send you a sample so that your next screened porch project is as fantastic as you have imagined it to be!

Want to Be Featured
Our favorite thing is to feature all of the stunning screened porch projects that were made possible by SCREENEZE®. So, if you have an amazing screened porch made possible by us that you want featured, all you have to do is tag us on social media (@screeneze, @SCREENEZE) or use one or more of our hashtags in your post (#screeneze, #screeneze®, #screenezesystem) for your chance to be featured.

Reach out, share your screened porch projects with us, and let us know what you’d like to see more of in 2022!
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