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Steven - Salisbury, NC

Steven From Salisbury, NC is "Thrilled" with his SCREENEZE® porch

Steven in Salisbury, NC says:

"Just finished screening in a porch with your SCREENEZE and THRILLED with the results! My son and I had never tried anything like this. We screened a covered two side open porch. About 170 feet of screen in 7 rectangular sections. Largest section was about 6' x 8'. Used flush mount method with plinths. First section came out perfect with a nice tight screen which really surprised us. Did our homework. Watched lots of videos. Predrilled pilot holes and did not try self tapping method (which was good for us). We give you five stars for being easy to work with, good instructions, lots of helpful resources, GREAT screen finish, and better than expected results. Thanks so much!"

Thank you for using SCREENEZE® Steven! We are so happy that you like it so much!

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