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Common Questions About SCREENEZE®

A Q&A From us here at SCREENEZE®

Learn about SCREENEZE®: Common questions 

A screen porch system that combines an Aluminum Base and a Vinyl Cap that holds screen fabric in place when the two pieces are snapped together. 

What colors does it come in?
Bronze, White, Sand and Clay

What types of screen fabrics do you offer?
Bettervue, Fiberglass, Textilene Nano 50, Tuffscreen, and Insect screen.    (see our last blog post to figure out which fabric is right for you!)

Where can I buy SCREENEZE®?
On the homepage of our website, we have a “Find A Dealer” lookup where you can find the closest stocking dealer to you.    Find A Dealer: Homepage

How large of a panel can be made with SCREENEZE®?
You can make panels up to 150 square feet.  Although some of our customers have made larger panels, we suggest that you do not exceed the 150 sf limit for a panel for quality and safety reasons. Here is an example right below.

What is the Difference Between Mitered corners and corners with plinths?
Mitered corners are cut at a 45-degree angle so that when the corners of your SCREENEZE panels meet they are flush against each other. Plinth corners are cut perpendicular to the SCREENEZE® Pieces and they are covered with a plinth.

What tools do I need to install SCREENEZE®? 
Rubber Mallet, small pry bar or 5 in 1 tool, utility knife, standard drill, tape measure, 10" or 12" miter saw.

How do I install SCREENEZE®?
There are two types of installation, flush mount or corner mount    Youtube: How To Install SCREENEZE®

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