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"Everyone once in a while you come across a product that is designed so well it is darned near perfect for it's purpose. I installed a fair amount of SCREENEZE last year and was extremely happy with the result. We are in a snow belt and we thought that we would chance having the screen up for the winter without any protection. We are on a cliff with pretty good exposure to wind etc. We also just used the normal insect screen so that visibility would be not hampered. It all came through with flying colours. Congratulations on a product that is elegant and very fit for purpose."
- Ian | Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

"Happy with product. After more than 3 contractors told us we had to install cross braces to screen in our porch we were getting frustrated. We did not want to obstruct our view of the water. Finally one of the contractors mentioned SCREENEZE but had not used it so couldn't recommend. We have a 12X40 porch and the largest "panel" is 6'2"W X 14'H. We tried it in a 6'X12' section first and waited. Hurricane Florence gave us 50+ knot winds and the screen never stretched. We now have entire porch done for about a year and we even left extra screen around edges expecting some sag. So far no sag in all but one of the panels (Smallest one). With 2 panels 6'X14' and no framing and no real sagging (yet), we cannot be happier. If we had not held out... My wife and I installed it ourselves over a couple of weeks. Taking our time and it could not have been easier. One of our criteria was to be able to replace screening from the deck (about 11 ft off ground) That makes "outside" roof ridge about 25' from ground. We are not getting younger and able to replace screening from inside the deck was big plus. Again can't be happier. Just felt I had to say so."
- Scott | Apex, North Carolina

"Just finished screening in a porch with your SCREENEZE and THRILLED with the results! My son and I had never tried anything like this. We screened a covered two side open porch. About 170 feet of screen in 7 rectangular sections. Largest section was about 6' x 8'. Used flush mount method with plinths. First section came out perfect with a nice tight screen which really surprised us. Did our homework. Watched lots of videos. Predrilled pilot holes and did not try self tapping method (which was good for us). We give you five stars for being easy to work with, good instructions, lots of helpful resources, GREAT screen finish, and better than expected results. Thanks so much!"
- Steven | Salisbury, North Carolina

"I wanted to share some photos of a project that we recently completed in Lincoln NE utilizing your product.  I had never used SCREENEZE before and was very pleased with the results.  It installed easily, provides for a extremely functional final product and it looks fantastic.  Rarely do I stumble across a new product that works as well as your did and for that thank you."
- Matt | Lincoln, Nebraska

"My name is Lenny Klein owner of Klein Custom Builders in Birmingham I just wanted to say we love the product we install it on all of our screen porches. We get a lot of good feedback from it being able to give the customer large openings for viewing it’s a great selling point."
- Larry | Birmingham, AL

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