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What Makes SCREENEZE® Stand Out?

Some may ask, “Why should we choose your product, what sets you apart from your competitors?”. We created a system to eliminate splining and take the headache out of installing screens. Our company is also family-owned and operated. 

We are one of the few screening companies that:

Allows you to screen panels as large as 150 sq ft
No Spline
Created a product to screen in any arch
Created a product to screen in a gazebo 
Offers unobstructed views

This is what we think sets SCREENEZE® apart from our competitors. 

Let us know what your favorite part about using SCREENEZE® is by shooting us an email at :

-Gazebo Wedge System 

-Flatbar Arch System 

-Offer Unobstructed Views

-Large Panels up to 150 Sq. ft

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