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How To Get Your House Ready For HALLOWEEN!

Spooky Decorations and Fun Recipies

We have collected recipes and decoration ideas for the Holloween holiday. We hope you enjoy them!



You can make a festive porch light decoration by using fishing line to string together a few embroidery hoops. Once you’ve done that, use the fishing line once again to hang silhouettes from the hoops. 

Lamp Shade: 

If you don’t feel like going all out for your Halloween decorations, this spider (made from yarn, pipe cleaners, and buttons) is a subtle way to add a festive mood to your home. 

Window Silhouettes:

This is a great way to let the neighborhood know that you are ready for a spooky Halloween night. Just cut out silhouettes using black a few layers of black construction paper and backlight it with one or two battery-powered tealights.


Pumpkin orange peppers stuffed with mac & cheese

Chocolate Cinnamon Skeleton Cookies 

Witch Finger Pretzels

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