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2020 Update! - 02/04/2020

We are a month into 2020, and wanted to check in.

1. We moved at the end of 2019! Our new address is 950 Meadow Gold Ln, Cincinnati, OH 45203 

2. Upcoming Show to look out for:

March-      JCL Live: March 18-21, 2020 — Rhode Island Convention Center 

3. Reminders:

-With the cold weather starting. Don’t forget about cold weather installation under 60 degrees. 
Installation in Cold Temperatures: Take temperature and porch location into consideration during installation. Cold day, no sun, make fit a little loose. When installing in temperatures below 60º, make sure that the vinyl caps are warmed or stored in a heated area. Cool temperatures can make the vinyl brittle causing it to split/crack during installation. This will occur at the ends so be sure to hand press the caps at the corner and take the previous stated precautions. Also, tap the cap close to a previously expanded point.

-If you are a SCREENEZE installer, and want to be listed on our website, contact us at

Here are the latest SCREENEZE® screen porches from out friends over at the Decksperts KC and Brawner Renovations.

The Decksperts KC:

Brawner Renovations:

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