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What makes SCREENEZE Unique

Why You should Get a SCREENEZE® Porch

There are many systems to screen in your porch, so what makes SCREENEZE® unique?

  • No Spline!
  • Our system allows you to screen in an area as large as 150 sq ft
  • Can handle wind gusts up to 140 mph!
  • Offers Unobstructed Views
  • Four different color options : Bronze, White, Sand and Clay
  • Uses a variety of screen options 
  • Allows you to screen in any arch
  • Allows you to screen in a gazebo 
  • Can be attached to any smooth, uniform surface (Brick, Wood, Concrete) 
  • 10 Year limited Warranty 
  • CAD and Revit Files Available 

What are you waiting for? Get your own SCREENEZE® porch today! 

Questions? Contact us: or (800) 884-6697

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