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The Best Ways Enhance Your Porch 

Different ways to get the most out of your screen porch

Do you have a back or front porch that you’re not happy with? We have some solutions for you! Check out all the ways to make your outdoor living space better below. 

Our product was created to enjoy your outdoor living space, bug-free, and with ease. SCREENEZE® is a fixed screen system featuring an Aluminum Base and a Vinyl Cap that when snapped together stretch and secure the screen fabric for you. 

SNAPTRACK is our newest product. It is a screen installation system that utilizes the same No Spline snap technology as SCREENEZE, but with some added features. It comes in multiple sizes, has hidden screws, and pre-drilled holes.  

Fire Place
A fireplace or electric fire pit is an awesome addition to any outdoor space. It sets the mood with a rustic ambiance and creates a warm focal point to tie any space together, especialy during the colder seasons. 

      (Ryan Blackwell & Associates)

Patio Furniture
Furniture is an obvious must for your outdoor area. Whether it's a cozy porch swing or a dining table set, the furniture you choose will set the stage for how you enjoy your outdoor space. 

(Majestic Builders)

Statement Rug
Make a statement! Pick out a vibrant or printed rug to tie in all aspects of your porch. 

(Charlotte Decks & Porches LLC)

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