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Tips and Tools for Installing SCREENEZE®

Are you interested in your own SCREENEZE® porch?

Are you a SCREENEZE® Installer? Are you a handy homeowner wanting to install SCREENEZE® yourself? Below we have listed some tips and tools to help you install.

Step 1: Find a SCREENEZE installer near you to buy SCREENEZE. Pick your color and screen type then purchase your materials. 

Tools you will need to install:

  1. Rubber Mallet
  2. Small Pry Bar
  3. Utility Knife
  4. Standard Drill
  5. Tape Measure
  6. Miter Saw

  1. Choose between a Corner Mount or Flush Mount
  2. Choose to do Miter cuts or Square cuts with the Plinth Kit 
  3. Be cautious when installing under 60 degrees. Make sure that the vinyl caps are warmed or stored in a heated area. Cool temperatures can make the vinyl brittle causing it to split/crack during installation.
  4. To make your installation goes smoothly, be sure to pre-drill your screw holes into the aluminum base.
  5. Look at our Installation Guide or Youtube Channel

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