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Benefits of a SCREENEZE® Porch During a Pandemic

The Pull Towards Screen Porches

Throughout this past year, we have all been reminded of the value of getting out of the house. Experiencing the outdoors seems to be something that, before the pandemic, we had begun to take for granted, and people are beginning to recognize that. 

Across the nation, and even the globe, we have all been reminded of the value of porches, screen porches, and usable outdoor space when it comes to the value of a home. Our installers have noticed homeowners refocusing their remodeling attention towards adding or improving the outdoor spaces of their homes. Even contractors themselves have added a screen porch to their own homes!
SCREENEZE is the perfect solution! SCREENEZE allows homeowners to enjoy their outdoor area, bug-free; the perfect place to social distance! You get the benefit of being outside and a nice airflow without being bothered by pesky bugs, AND you don’t have to compromise your view. In addition, Installers know the importance of social distancing, and with installation being outside with little contact, all safety precautions are covered. Once it is installed, if anything goes wrong, a homeowner could repair it themselves due to the easy use of SCREENEZE. Here are some tips for Installation and a Youtube tutorial!

(A recent SCREENEZE install by Kamtreyurias Renovations LLC)

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