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One of the most important parts of a business is feedback. We love hearing what our customers think about our products. Below is some recent feedback we’ve received from homeowners and contractors! As always, we appreciate reviews and feedback more than anything, so don’t hesitate to shoot us a message, leave a comment, or leave a Google review! 

Bronze SCREENEZE install by Wood Duck Woodworks In Maine

Homeowner: “I absolutely love it. Love the screen panels.”

Dave Hudson from Wood Duck Woodworks: “Great product to work with!”

White SCREENEZE install by Decks By Design in Texas

Decks by Design: “Only system we install!"

Bronze SCREENEZE install by O’Farrell Builders in North Carolina

O’Farrell Builders: “Your product makes it easy! We love using SCREENEZE!”


White SCREENEZE install 

Homeowner:”You have a wonderful product that’s easy to use for DIYers like ourselves. We are so pleased with our porch. The larger sections are 16’x8’ and the screen is night and tight even after a year.’


White SCREENEZE Install by Wood-N-Works in North Carolina

Wood-N-Works: “ We Love Your Product!”

5/5 Stars on Google Reviews:

Chad Gilbert: “Great company to work with while planning our patio addition. We love our new enclosed patio with our screeneze screens.  It’s one of our favorite rooms in the house! There is no obstruction to our view. We are very pleased.  Great product and company!”

John Jayne: “To tell the truth I was very hesitant on buying this product. It was a bit pricey. But I want everyone to know to step up a buy this it’s an amazing product. I was able to hang 6’x10’ screen by myself and it looks amazing nice and tight no wrinkles. Perfect can’t say enough.”

Scott Kleban: “Screeneze is a great product for your screen porch project.  It is known within the industry for its adaptability and ease of installation.  Plus, it will allow a 150 square foot opening with a single screen allowing homeowners to open their view and reduce the amount of framing on their project.

Builders love the product because of its ease of installation and because they can complete a professional, finished look on almost any sized opening (including curved arches).

The product also performs well in high-wind areas where traditional stapled screens under-perform.

Finally, since the system does not require a spline, screen replacement is simple, if there is a need after the system is installed.

A great American-made product.”

Matthew Hubbard: “Had a warranty issue made a call and they took great care of me! Thank you for the great service and product.”

Jim Keating: “Excellent product! Easy to sell and easier to install!”

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