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One of the Biggest Bug Nuisances of 2021

Brood X

Brood X is one of the world’s largest swarms of cicadas and it is about to take over many states in the US. Every 17 years this specific brood consisting of three different species burrows back up to the surface to reproduce and return back to the ground. They are expected to emerge for 2-4 weeks in late May and early June, and have been known to stretch throughout 15 states, from Georgia to New York and as far west as the Mississippi River. It is estimated this year for there to be 1.5 million cicadas per acre which would mean that the total count should be in the trillions. The cicadas will not be harmful to anything except for young tree saplings. This is because when they return to the ground they feed off of networks of tree roots for the 17 years of their development. Other than that they will be an overwhelming nuisance for the few weeks that they emerge. They create a very distinct sound and broods like this one are likely to be just as loud as they are large. Along with the loud noise, large broods like this can be exceptionally dense in population and can make being outside quite unenjoyable unless you have a way to keep them out of your outdoor space. 

Do you live in an area Brood X cicadas will be in this season? A perfect way to stay bug or cicada-free would be with SCREENEZE! One of the biggest benefits of installing SCREENEZE is avoiding the pesky bugs while still enjoying your outdoor area and view. We offer many different screen types, but the Insect Screen is the best to prevent all types of bugs from getting in your screen porch. 

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