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Spring Porch Projects: Railing Planter

How To Make A Railing Planter


2 window boxes
3/8-inch drill bit
Measuring tape
Circular saw
1 x 4 x 96-inch cedar board
1/2 x 1-1/2 x 96-inch cedar board
Wood screws

Step 1: Build Two Window Boxes

Construct Two Window Boxes. Click Here to use these BH&G instructions to make window boxes.
Once the boxes are made, drill two 3/8 inch drainage holes in the bottom of the boxes.

Step 2: Measure & Cut 

Measure the width of the railing and cut two side braces long enough to connect the window boxes with the railing in between. 
Once the side railings are cut to length, finish the ends by mitering them by 15 degrees to match the window planters.

Step 3: Add Braces 

Use the 1 x 1/2 inch cedar board to add a back brace to the length of the boxes.
Add a top brace with a 1 x 4 in cedar board and pre-drill all holes before screwing together.  
Connect the side braces to one of the window boxes ensuring that the edges and miters are flush.

Step 4: Install

With a helper, position the first window box on the railing with the braces going through the railing. 
Have your helper position the second window box on the other side and screw it into place.

Reference Article: Better Homes & Gardens

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