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DIY Furniture Projects for Your Screened-In Porch

DIY Projects

As the days are warming up, we are all spending more time enjoying our screened porches. What better way to enjoy a warm, relaxing, bug-free environment then with some new, DIY porch furniture?

We have three quick DIY projects that will have you and your guests enjoying a comfortable evening outdoors all the time!

Outdoor Storage Bench

This useful DIY will allow you to store any and all items easily while providing additional seating for family and friends.

What You’ll Need:

Gate Hinges
Staples/Staple Gun
Cedar fencing
Outdoor stain/sealant 
Outdoor cushions/pillows 
Optional: Chicken wire


Treat the 2x4’s to build the frame - cut to approximately 7.5’
Using the gate hinges to secure (4) 2x4’s, 2 on each side
The end 2x4s and center were completely screwed down to the frame, where the fencing boards would rest
Once all 2x4’s are screwed down, add the cedar fencing
Cut the top boards in half to have two opening “doors”
Add (2) 2x4’s to the back of the box to ensure stuff doesn’t fall out of the box
Optional: Add chicken wire to the base to allow for drainage in the event of rain/weather
Staple cheap rope to the top of the box to create a handle
Top with outdoor pillows/cushions as desired

Outdoor Porch Chair

This easy, comfortable chair is a perfect pairing for any good porch! It’s able to be painted and decorated to match all personalities and makes for a great statement piece. 

What You’ll Need:

(6) 2×3 @ 8ft (framing lumber)
(2) 1×3 @ 8ft
2 1/2″ Deck screws
2″ Brad nails
2 1/2″ Kreg screws (weather resistant)
Waterproof wood glue
Stainable wood filler
1 set of outdoor cushions
Exterior wood stain


Make cuts for outdoor chair frame
Add pocket holes to the wood
Assemble DIY patio chair side frames
Add side slat boards to chair side frames
Attach the sides of DIY chair together
Add back frame boards to the chair
Fill holes, sand, and stain the outdoor chair 
Top with cushions/pillows as desired

Outdoor Side Table 

This adorable, strong side table will certainly be the finishing touch to any spring porch. 

What You’ll Need:

(3) 2x2x8 pine
(1) 16x16 Concrete paver 
2.5” outdoor pocket hole screws
Wood filler
Wood glue
Liquid nails
150 & 120 sanding block or paper 


Cut 2x2 
Drill Pocket holes 
Assemble the bottom
Connect the legs around the top
Secure the bottom to the legs
Attach concrete paver using adhesive 

These three DIY’s will have your screened porch looking fresh and comfortable as the season begins to warm up!

Tag us with your finished DIY’s!

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