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Some Great Spring Porch Decorating Ideas

It's Springtime!

We have all been looking for bright, unique ways to make our screened porches stand out this springtime. Whether with decorations or furniture, there are so many opportunities to make your porch your own. That’s why we went ahead and noted some of our favorite ways to enhance your porch this season!

Swinging Chair

A comfy, swinging chair is both a fun and effective form of seating for any spring porch. It allows for comfort and relaxation, without being as serious as standard seating. This is sure to make any porch stand out as the place-to-be for spring grilling and get-togethers!

Flower Tiers

Some flower tiering is absolutely a fantastic way to brighten-up any porch in a tasteful way. Mix and match your favorite flower and plant combinations to create your perfect porch statement piece!

Accent Ideas

If flower-tiering isn’t quite your thing, you can also accent your porch with large, leafy, green plants, woven tables, or even some light, flowing curtains! These pieces are great to accentuate any spacious porch and will create the perfect atmosphere for friends and family.

Ceiling Lighting

A stunning way to enjoy your screened porch is through lighting. Specifically, these outdoor string bulbs are a beautiful way to highlight your porch without taking away from the natural light.

DIY Pallet Bar

If you enjoy hosting porch get-togethers with some adult beverages then this DIY is definitely for you! This simple pallet bar DIY allows you to host events or enjoy a quiet relaxing evening with your favorite beverage creations only a few short feet away! 

Tag us and let us know how you decorated your porch this spring!

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