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Best Lighting Choices for Your Screen Porch

Summer 2012

Best Lighting Choices for Your Screen Porch

Every porch has its own purpose and creates its own atmosphere. Some porches are meant for more casual lounging with the family, facing into a tall line of trees. Other porches are meant for energetic get-togethers and face towards lively backyards. No matter the porch, no matter the atmosphere, the internal lighting used to accent the natural lighting is vital to making the perfect #porchlife!

String Lights

String lights are the perfect way to elevate any screened porch! These light sources offer warmer tones and work well for both hosting events as well as relaxing on a week-night evening. They are also very flexible, in the sense that they can be hung from the ceiling, draped over the banister, or attached to any corner post! 

Ceiling Can Lights

Ceiling can lights can provide extra, bright lighting to any screened porch for easier view of those around you. These light sources are perfect additions for any porches that are used regularly for hosting events - as they allow for much more light as evening games and conversations continue. The best part - you can still ensure the lighting matches your porch by choosing which color of bulb you use - be that natural, bright white, or any other choice you desire! 

Ceiling Lanterns 

Ceiling lanterns and similar hanging light fixtures are phenomenal features for any high/vaulted screened porches. They provide just enough light to create a warm and inviting atmosphere without being too bright. Typically they are also located high enough that you are able to pair a tabletop/floor lighting option with them - which is truly a great way to finish off any well-lit screened porch! 

Hidden Ceiling Track Lighting

Hidden ceiling track lighting is a fantastic option to add light to your screened porch while being very gentle on the eyes! This form of lighting is a great way to keep your porch light year-round for all individual and entertainment purposes. It’s also a stunning, secretive choice to have plenty of porch lighting without the source being visible! 

Floor/Table Accent Lights

Floor and table accent lighting are the perfect choices to really make your screened porch feel unique and your own! These light choices add character and make statements while providing subtle, warm light to their surroundings. The best thing about using these to accent your porch is that they can be matched and paired with other ceiling lighting fixtures, only adding to the overall atmosphere and enjoyment of your screened porch! 

Tag us and let us know which lighting choice you use to accent your porch!

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