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SCREENEZE® Ultimate Series:


With the recent release of our new product, the SNAPTRACK System, we thought it would be a good idea to showcase the similarities and differences between our two most popular products: the classic SCREENEZE® System and our new SNAPTACK System. Read over the systems to see which is right for your next screened-porch project!
SCREENEZE® is a fixed screen system that features an Aluminum Base and a Vinyl Cap. When snapped together, this system stretches and secures the screen fabric easily for you. This system is available in 8' and 12' lengths and comes in Bronze, Clay, Sand, and White colors, with color-coordinated screws included.

SNAPTRACK uses the same No-Spline technology as SCREENEZE®, only with the added benefits of pre-drilled aluminum and hidden screws. This system is available in 8’ lengths, as well as the same colors as SCREENEZE®.

For more information on the SCREENEZE® System or the SNAPTRACK System, visit our website’s “Products” section: 

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