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SCREENEZE® Ultimate Series: Mounting Options

The Different Ways To Mount SCREENEZE®

SCREENEZE® Ultimate Series: Mounting Options

While there are many things to take into consideration when installing the screen into your soon-to-be screened porch, one very important decision to be made is how the system will look in relation to the porch posts once it’s installed. 

SCREENEZE® fortunately has three mounting options that will suit any porch needs, whether you use the traditional SCREENEZE® System, or the new SNAPTRACK System. We offer Corner Mounting, Flush Mounting, and Face Mounting, all of which can be done with either mitering the corners or using our Plinth Corner Kit. 

SCREENEZE Corner Mount // 
This is the most common way that SCREENEZE is installed.

SCREENEZE Flush Mount //
This is the most versatile way that SCREENEZE is installed.

SNAPTRACK Face Mount //
This is installed directly onto the porch post, screen fabric is only visible from the opposite side of the installation, and the screws are hidden.

Note: While these mounting options are all compatible with the SCREENEZE Plinth Kit, the Plinth is completely optional and not required for installation. The Plinth merely allows for:

  • No mitering
  • All square cuts
  • Single saw setup
  • Less time necessary to install 
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