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SCREENEZE® Ultimate Series: Plinth or Miter

Plinth vs Miter

To Miter or Not To Miter - that is the question at hand. Once you’ve decided on your SCREENEZE System type, your screen, and your mounting type, it’s important to determine if you want to miter the corners or utilize the Plinth Kit. Take a look at your options to decide the best way to secure your screened porch’s corners.

Plinth Kit

The SCREENEZE Plinth Kit comes in four colors: Black, White, Clay, and Sand. Using the Plinth Kit eliminates mitering, uses all square cuts, and provides a consistent, finished look on all screening projects! Plus, only one Plinth Kit is required per opening.

Our Corner Mount Plinth Kit includes: 4 corners and 4 screws.

Our Flush Mount Plinth Kit includes: 4 corners, 4 bases, and 12 screws.


Mitering the corners of your screened porch is always another option. Below is a visual example of what SCREENEZE looks like installed with Plinths versus Miters. 

Here’s a helpful video about how to install SCREENEZE with and without the Plinth Kit. Both are effective ways to secure your screened porch!


The Plinth is completely optional and is not required for installation. The Plinth merely allows for:
  • No mitering
  • All square cuts
  • Single saw setup
  • Less time necessary to install 
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