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5 Reasons to Invest in a Screened Porch

The Investment Everyone Can Enjoy

Screened-in porches are beautiful additions to any home, no matter your location. They are wonderful for hosting events, enjoying the outdoors the way you want, and many other positives. We know building a screened-in porch from scratch can cost a decent amount, but there are so many great reasons to invest, including the fact that the return on investment (ROI) is higher than you think. 

Below are our top 5 reasons to invest in a screened porch!

3+ Seasons of Enjoyment

Screened porches are versatile in that, depending on the location you live in, you can enjoy your porch in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. In some locations, you can even utilize your screened porch during the winter months (if you don’t mind blankets and some cooler breezes). Unlike other household additions that can only be used for one season - like a swimming pool - screened porches are relatively low-maintenance and always ready for use!

Increases Property Value

According to Archadeck, “on average, you can expect about an 84% return on investment for a screened room addition.” Adding a screened porch to your home is not only a visual and personal preference, it increases ROI, adds to the maximum resale value of your home, and enhances the overall local community, including neighbors’ resale values too! While the cost up front may be a larger number than you may want, consider how much money and resale value will be the result of your investment.

Keep the Bugs and Pests Away

We have all been in that situation where we want to go outside to enjoy the nice day, but we are actively watching bees, mosquitos, and plenty of other critters buzzing around just outside the door. With a screened porch, you have the opportunity to enjoy the gorgeous summer days without fear of bug attacks. Whether you have merely a general distaste for bugs, or an allergy to one of their stings, a screened porch removes all bug-related worries!

Extra Space to Utilize

Is your space below the stairs finally stuffed to the max with your stuff? Or maybe you have a table and chair set that your friend is going to pick up in a few days, but it has nowhere to go at the moment? With the addition of a screened porch, you have extra storage space and a place to relocate furniture and other home decorations as needed. 

Ideal Place to Host Events

A screened porch is the perfect location for family and friend get-togethers. There are beautiful views of the outdoors, plenty of fresh air, and allows for easy arrivals and departures, typically without having to walk back through the house. Screened porches also create an added layer of privacy to all events, whether family and friends are over or it’s a quiet evening alone. 

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