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How to Properly Maintain and Take Care of Your Screened Porch

The Clean Routine

Screened porches get dirty just like the rest of your house which is why it’s equally important to know how to properly clean and maintain your screened porch. While we know each and every screened porch is unique, and each home has its own set of difficulties regarding cleanliness - be those animals, children, or other sources of mess - there are a few set recommendations for all screened porch owners to follow. 

Sweep and Mop the Floors

Floors are dirty by nature - they get walked on all day, everyday, by adults, children, animals, and everything else with feet. Then on top of the dirt that gets brought in by feet, air movement can blow in dirt, pollen, and other tiny debris. Regardless of floor composition, the first step should always be to sweep the entire floor, brushing debris and more into a dustpan to be thrown out later. Then, depending on if your floor composition permits, it is also a good idea to mop or clean in some other fashion with water and soap. 

Dust All Surfaces

As with every room in your house, your screened porch will require dusting of all surfaces. A traditional duster is great for ceiling corners and hard-to-reach places. Beyond that, it’s a good idea to use a lightly damp microfiber cloth and gently wipe away dust and pollen from all other surfaces - ensuring you rinse the cloth frequently so as not to move around the dust and pollen. If you feel the need to use chemicals or mild soap, just make sure the surfaces you use the chemicals or soap on are permitting of those items. 

Wipe Down Glass and Wood Surfaces

If you have a glass table or door you are well-aware that fingerprints and animal nose-prints are common occurrences. Not to mention that all tables, no matter the material, will collect dust and pollen. Ensure your surfaces are clean and well-preserved by using glass cleaner regularly on your glass surfaces, and by using wood cleaner/polisher on your wooden surfaces. By cleaning these you are not only improving the look of your screened porch, but you are also ensuring the preservation of your well-maintained furniture.

Fluff Out or Wash the Pillows and Cushions

Pillows and cushions are wonderful additions to your screened porch. However, they can hold a lot of pollen, dirt, and debris from general use. You should regularly fluff your pillows and cushions to ensure that as much of the debris as possible is expelled. Even better, many pillows and cushions these days have removable, machine-washable covers. If this applies to your decor, you should still fluff out the actual pillows and cushions, but definitely make use of the ability to machine-wash your covers - it’ll clean out even more dirt and pollen. These same recommendations apply to other soft-material decor, such as outdoor blankets. 

Clean the Screen Itself

The actual screen of your screened porch gets dirty and will require cleaning. If your screened porch was supplied by SCREENEZE, our manufacturer that supplies us with our screen fabric recommends cleaning them with a mild soapy solution. You should​ avoid hard scrubbing and rinse well. We do NOT recommend power washing. If your screened porch was supplied by any other manufacturer, we recommend checking with them for best cleaning practices. 

Photo By: BRM Homes LLC

Note: All of these recommendations are just suggestions - please keep in mind that your screened porch may require altered care and cleaning based on the surfaces and materials you have. 

Let us know your favorite screened porch care and cleaning tips!
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