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Decorating Tips to Open Up Porch Space

Get the most out of your porch

Screened porches can be very exciting because they open up an entire realm of possibilities when it comes to layout and design. One of the biggest challenges facing screened-porch-owners today is balancing the size of the porch with the furniture and decor, ensuring the porch feels as spacious as possible to accommodate for all the decorating desires. 

Luckily, we have a few tricks up our sleeves that can help open up your screened porch space without making you give up any decor or furniture. 

Hang Pictures and Wall Decor Up High

Hanging decorations and your favorite pictures higher up in your screened porch does a great job at elongating the walls and making the space feel bigger and more inviting. Family and friends are then encouraged to look up and around to admire artwork and images, rather than looking at eye-level or below. By doing this, the entire porch, from floor to ceiling, feels much more open and spacious. 

Angle Larger Pieces of Furniture

Large and bulky furniture can make even the largest spaces feel tiny if placed incorrectly. Instead, try placing bigger pieces of furniture - like couches or coffee tables - on angles. This placement assists in opening up more space to the front and sides of the porch, and utilizes all the porch space (even corners). Placing furniture at angles is a fantastic way to create a unique feel for all screened porches, while leaving plenty of floor room for other pieces or walkways. 

Leave Plenty of Walking Space

It can be tempting to fill all of your porch space with furniture and decor, especially if you enjoy spending hobby time in your screened porch or host many events. One of the most important decorating tips you can employ that will open up your porch is by leaving a lot of walking space. Guests will be able to admire the few statement pieces you do showcase better if they have enough room to walk and move around. Plus, multiple walkways around furniture are great for easy exits and general movement of friends and family. 

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Place Accent Plants Behind Furniture or on the Wall

Referring back to placing large pieces of furniture at angles, there is an additional way to make a statement while using all of your porch space: accent plants. Place an accent plant in the very corner, behind your couch. Or place some hanging accent plants from the ceiling to further accentuate the available porch space. Plants do a phenomenal job at expressing one’s personality while maintaining a minimal presence. 

Less is More

You don’t need a lot of furniture or decor to make your screened porch stand out - strong statement pieces and correct placement will be the deciding factors of how amazing your porch is. Keep your decorations limited and be decisive with your furniture - less is more, in terms of quality and usable space. 

Photo By: Shady Lane Construction

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