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5 Ways to Make Your Screened Porch Fall-Ready

Get your porch ready for Fall.

As Summer comes to an end and Fall is just around the corner, it’s important to prepare yourself and your screened porch for the change in scenery and weather. While everyone has their own tips and tricks for this preparation, we have 5 suggestions to make your screened porch the most warm and inviting location there is this Fall!

Decorate With Warmer Colors

One of the easiest and quickest ways to transition your Summer screened porch to Fall is by changing the decor. Choosing brown, red, orange, yellow, and deep navy colors to highlight the season change is the perfect start. You can use accent pillows, rugs, table centerpieces, and wall art to make this change even more impactful. Mini pumpkins, round woven balls, pine cones, and acorns are all fantastic options for bowl or vase fillers. Kick out those cooler Summer tones and fully embrace the warmer Fall tones!

Swap the Fan for the Space Heater

With the season change also comes a change with the weather. As temperatures drop it’s a good idea to put your floor fans in storage and place your space heater into your screened porch for those chillier nights. Family and friends will appreciate the ability to enjoy the cooler nights with or without some extra heat radiating in the air around them. 

Bring on the Blankets

While you may have already had a few cord or knitted throw blankets in your screened porch for the summer, you need to step up your blanket requirements for the Fall. Swap out the cord and knitted blankets for fleece or fuzzy ones instead. Ensure that there are enough blankets for all of your potential guests by keeping a storage ottoman or small floor container full of them, with enough options to suit all needs. For the cosiest, most-prepared set-up, have at least one blanket draped over the back of each couch and chair, in addition to the ottoman or container with extra blankets. In doing this, all family and friends that come to visit can be as warm or cold as they want, and it creates a cosier experience for all!

Sweaters and Jackets Make a Comeback

Having additional layers close-by is important for comfort on your screened porch. This can be done by keeping a small storage bin in your screened porch with some sweaters, jackets, or light pull-overs, or by having a coat rack in the corner of your porch that holds your favorite layers for the cooler temperatures. 

Replace the Summer Bar With a Coffee/Tea/Cocoa Station

The Summer mini porch tiki bar may have been a great addition when temperatures were in the 80s, 90s, and 100s, but with Fall coming a much more useful station is a coffee, tea, and hot cocoa station. Place your favorite mugs, beans, leaves, and cocoa onto a stationary porch cart and accompany them with your favorite flavorings and toppings. This will be a great statement piece for your screened porch and definitely the favorite for those seeking a warm, cozy beverage in the cooler Fall evenings!

Now that you have some ideas to change up your screened porch from Summer to Fall, go and make your porch season-ready!

Let us know how you’re making your screened porch Fall-ready!
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