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Check out what makes great photos of your porch.

Have you ever wondered what makes screened porch photos really stand out? We certainly have. After seeing thousands of screened porches, we know a few things about what makes for the best porch photos. See below for our photo-taking recommendations and how you can photograph the true beauty of the screened porch, whether you are an installer or homeowner!

Camera Angles
The angle at which you take your photos can make or break the photo itself. When photographing your screened porch, you should aim the camera so that the angle is straight on or slightly angled up for the best shots. These shots will make the viewer feel as if they are both in the porch itself, and that the porch is larger than it may actually be in reality. It also provides the best view of the screen, which is one of the most important aspects to photograph of a screened porch. 

Photo By: Live Connected AV + Kayco Companies

All photos need a lot of lighting. Lighting is what shows viewers all of the intricate details of your screened porch and makes the entire final product blend cohesively. Natural lighting is the best for daytime photos, and warm-colored bulbs within lamps and ceiling lights are best for evening photos. Just be aware at all times of how much natural light from the sun your photograph is picking up, and how you need to adjust from there. 

Photo By: DeKCo Construction

Furniture/Visible Objects
Pictures capture everything, so it is very important that the space within your photograph is tidy, aesthetically pleasing, and free from unintended objects. For best photos, furniture should be carefully laid out in the manner in which it was intended. Tables and other hard surfaces should be cleaned appropriately beforehand. Blankets and pillows should be fluffed and placed onto the seating arrangements. Always double check your photos for unwanted additions prior to posting!

Photo By: Brawner Renovations

Above all when photographing your screened porch for decorative or professional uses, here are some other general guidelines to consider.

Things to Include in Photos:
- Behaved pets
- Nicely arranged furniture
- Decorations and seasonal items
- Views of nature from the porch

Photo By: Timeless Construction

Things to Avoid in Photos:
- People 
- Miscellaneous tools and objects
- Garbage cans 
- Vehicles

Which tips do you think are the most helpful when photographing your porch? Let us know!
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